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Pavalache.com Landscape photography Workshop 28 May 2016 – Basel

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Meeting point:Schifflände , Basel

Date: 28 May 2016

Location: Basel

Cost: 70 CHF/person

Maximum students: 10

Minimum students: 4


This workshop is well suited for the beginers or intermediate photographer. Non or foundational photography skills.

Basic computer and Adobe Lightroom skills will be necessary to keep up with the editing component of the workshop, but extensive experience with Lightroom is not necessary.

We recommend a digital SLR or mirrorless camera for this workshop. A wide angle lens is perhaps the most useful for landscape photography, but other medium-length lenses and telephoto lenses can be useful too.

A tripod is highly recommended. Don’t forget your extra camera batteries, memory cards and a camera backpack or day pack to carry your gear around. Warm layers and rugged footwear.

What you will learn:


• A quick history of photography

• An overview of how digital cameras work

• The basics of your camera’s features, how the buttons work, and how to change settingsPhotograph composition and techniques to make your photos POP!

• You will also learn about photography’s most basic element – light – and the fundamentals of how you can control it with your camera’s most important functions:Aperture – Determine what is in focus, Shutter Speed – Stop action or blur motion, ISO – Adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light, White Balance – Ensure the camera records color correctly

• Understanding the critical relationship between these camera settings and how they impact the images you capture

After Basic info we will get in “the real world of images”

• We’ll show you how we go about selecting a location, and making the most of the time we have when we’re traveling.

• We’ll explain the equipment we use, why we use it, and HOW we use it… and we’ll walk you through clear examples so you can see exactly how it’s done.

• You’ll learn how to produce beautiful shots when the sky is brilliant – with gorgeous foreground details and rich colors in the sky… and we’ll also show you how you can get great photos when the light ISN’T spectacular – like when you’re shooting in harsh, midday light.

• We’ll share a variety of techniques we use when we’re shooting, so you can see how we push past the basic rules of photography to get a variety of shots – even in a difficult location.

• We’ll walk you through a series of case studies – from fieldwork, all the way through to our post-processing workflow. And even better, we’ll share the actual original RAW and layered files with you so you can work alongside us as we show you how we do it.

• Most of the lessons are taught on location, so you can see exactly what we’re doing, and why.

• We’ve included lots of examples that will help you understand the concepts, and our case studies will let you follow along while we’re working on location in Switzerland.

Topics Covered

• Wilderness landscape photography

• Mountain landscapes photography

• Forest photography

• Waterfall and river photography

• Macro photography

• Sunrise and sunset photography

• Advanced use of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance

• Awareness of composition, lighting and capturing the moment

• The benefits of filters such as polarisers, neutral density and graduated neutral density

• The importance of planning for your shoot, including using computer based tools and mobile applications

Mandatory gear: Tripod, Photo Camera ( pref. DSLR for manual functions), Lenses Optional gear: Filters (Circular Polarizer Filter, Neutral Filters, Flash)

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