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#pavalache, Pavalache.com, Lifeographies.com - Perfect photography services for unique moments - photo, service, photography, lifeographies, events, weddings, sport, photo service, bern, switzerland, Stelian Pavalache, stock, business, office, family, kids. #StelianPavalachePavalache Stelian Nicolae was born in 1976 in Urziceni, Romania and is currently working as a documentary movie maker, photographer, programming engineer, web developer & graphic designer in Bern, Switzerland as Founder of  Pavalache.com,  Lifeographies.com & Satwaguna.com

Honorary member of ECO Bacau Asc, senior photographer for Lifeographies.com & Pavalache.com Studio, photo editor and senior photographer for Dreamstime.com Agency - Stock Photography (Dreamstime LLC United States).

Founder and developer of the Satwa Guna (illusion of forms) international project, the only major worldwide project in which photography catches the unity in diversity of universal spirituality.

Working as a freelancer photographer for about 15 years on assignments with:

Online portfolio

  • www.pavalache.com - Main web site.
  • www.lifeographies.com -Lifeographies Stock Agency is a fresh and reliable supplier of high quality digital images at affordable prices.
  • www.satwaguna.com -  SatwaGuna Project website

Working as a freelancer Moviemaker for about 9 years.

  • Moviemaker & video editor for “NexComp Himalaya Expedition 2004”, Kazakhstan (broadcast on TVR & Antena1 TV channels).
  • Moviemaker & video editor for documentary movie “Qeuchua People”, Peru 2005 (broadcast on Tvr1, Tvr2, Tvr Cultural & Tvr International TV channel).
  • Moviemaker & video editor for documentary movie “Shimshali People”, Pakistan started in 2010 (in work).
  • Moviemaker & video editor for documentary movie “Life as it is”, India (Leh, Ladakh) started in 2008 (in work)

Exhibitions activity

Expeditions (photographer, moviemaker & climber)